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Earn Money Working From Home Helping Companies SuperCharge Their Sales!

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     If you’re frustrated with trying to find disability-friendly employers or cannot find reliable work at home, then bolt the door, unplug the phone, grab a snack and a drink, and read this entire website, because this may be the best opportunity you've come across in all of your research!  Here's the deal.

     As a
Disability Digest agent, you would get paid hourly plus commission to
help companies SuperCharge their sales with a courtesy call to their customers.   

     The call will answer questions and help them make an educated decision as to whether the product will meet their needs.  

   This can be viewed as sales but we are really looking for people who have the ability to connect with others and help them solve a problem.

Required Skills

1. Rock'em sock'em really WOW me communication skills! (Proven phone sales skills are helpful but not necessary.)

2. A computer, internet access, and moderate-to-good computer skills.

3. Familiarity with using Microsoft Excel spread sheets. 

4. Average email skills.

5. Phone, answering machine, and unlimited long distance plan. 

7. Available at least two to three hours a day, Monday through Saturday.  

8. Ability to learn and to follow a script we provide.

9. Ability to learn product knowledge.

10. Familiar with or willing to learn how to use ODesk.    

What you will be doing?

     You’ll receive names and number of customers to contact Monday through Saturday. 

    You'll be trained to guide customers to resources that will answer their questions and help them make a buying decision and where to go if you get stuck.  So the key thing you will be doing is following directions.

How Much Can I Make?

    An hourly compensation of $7.25 plus commissions should earn you around $720 to $1020 per month. 

     Remember the Disability Digest teaches you how to enjoy the tax benefits of operating a home business and how to earn money and not get the shaft on your SSDI check!   Plus we have operated a courtesy call system just like this since 2006 and have completed over 110,000 calls resulting in 26,400 successful  transactions and countless life changing stories.    
     In conclusion, I'm looking for motivated candidates, forward looking - and - moving with an "Anti-Get-Rich-Quick" mentality. 

     This position is easy work, but there is lots of it.  So, if you have an "ambition" disability, this is not for you. 

     This is an easy job for the right person.  If you feel you’re that person, complete the application below and put your experience to work today!



Are you receiving Social Security disability yet?

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Brian Therrien 

p.s. This is an ideal position to give you a quality life style and to allow you to keep you 
disability check.