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(Lesson 13 - Speeding Up The Process With a Dire Need Request!)

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If you have been denied and don't think you can survive the wait 
you may be eligible for a Dire need request for a hearing that would Speed Up The Approval Process! 

When applying for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), a hearing can be moved up if an individual is in 'dire need.' Social Security rules and programs are changing as quickly as the people applying for benefits. Understanding what qualifies as dire need and how to ask for benefits -- as well as the possibility of getting those benefits -- might fall under one of two programs. 

When a person has applied for disability under Social Security Disability Income, the process has been notoriously long and difficult. For a person who has already been turned down for their initial claim and is waiting for a hearing with an administrative law judge, submitting a letter to their local social security office with facts and evidence about their dire circumstances can be effective to helping your disability case. Don't be afraid to attach letters of past due bills and put list your evidence! For example, if your house payment is falling behind, by all means make that your first piece of evidence; as well as your car, utilities and other items of basic living.

While you are waiting for SSDI, you may be eligible to receive supplemental security income or SSI. SSI is designed to help aged, blind, and disabled people who have little or no income and provide cash to meet basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.

Each state may also have programs that work with the social security income program and all are based on need and eligibility. Documentation on paper (bills, notices and letters) are your best evidence for dire need. 

If working with a representative, i.e. a lawyer specializing in disability cases that has already completed a fee agreement with you and the Social Security administration, your  representative can file a dire need letter on your behalf.  

Providing your representative with the facts and evidence and allowing them to proceed with your letter is in your best interest due to their experience dealing with the social security administration.

Full service disability representation firms  (ones that do everything for you-from paperwork to special requests) will place your request for dire need. So if you have a disability representative and meet the dire need criteria ask your rep to file your dire need letter,   

The feed back from the representatives I have interviewed confirms that this is worth the effort because about 20% of the requests to move up hearing dates for dire need cases are approved.  

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Brian Therrien

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