Top 10 Reason To Consider Social Security Disability Benefits!


Many Americans are entitled to disability and don’t know it. My hope
is this top 10 reasons to consider Social Security Disability Benefits will
article will be read individuals that are spending their retirement and
will realize that they should consider Social Security Disability Benefits!

Top 10 reason to consider Social Security Disability Benefits
1. Monthly income:
Annual cost-of-living increases and a portion of these disability benefits may be tax free.

2. Medical Insurance:
Twenty-four months after you’re approved, you are eligible for Medicare, including Part A (hospital benefits), Part B (medical benefits) and Part D (prescription drug plan).

3. COBRA extension:
If you receive SSDI benefits, the length of your COBRA benefits could be extended an additional 11 months.

4. Long-term disability (LTD) benefits:
If you have private long-term disability insurance, most providers require you to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, therefore, it is beneficial for you to be proactive and file before you are asked to file.

5. Protected retirement benefits:
When you reach retirement age, Social Security Disability Benefits end and Social Security retirement benefits begin. However, the Social Security Disability payment amount remains the same and it is typically more than your Social Security earnings.

6. Dependent benefits:
Your dependents under the age of 18 are commonly entitled to 50 % of your monthly payment until they become 18 years of age. Consequently, if your check is $1,000 per month and you have 2 dependents, the benefit payment could become $2,000 per month.

7. Return-to-work incentives:
Social Security offers opportunities for you to return to work and keep your benefits

8. Start a Business:
Social Security offers opportunities and resources for you to start a
business and retain your benefits at the same time.

9. Housing Grants and more:
There is help to find affordable housing in great neighborhoods even if you have bad credit and less than a $1.00 in your pocket. And there are grants to assist with disability related expenses.

10. Your are not alone
There are 54 million Americans with disabilities and many with whom you can connect and network. Becoming disabled and stopping work alone often causes anxiety and depression but the support of other can help you survive even thrive.

I hope that these 10 top reason to consider Social Security Disability
Benefits will inspire you to take action and obtain the benefits you
rightfully deserve.

Helping you WIN Disability Income!

Brian Therrien
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