Tips to help you survive until you get approved for social security

Even if you use the disability digest strategy that has helped members win their disability benefits in an average of 18 months 50 % faster than the national average your likely asking your self “how do I survive (even if it’s just 18 months) if I am not working?”

Frankly there is not clean cut answer but here are some new idea’s that have helped other members used to bridge the gap…..

1. Rent or sell the your home, Move in with family or friends live in RV house sit.

2. If you have a pension, 401K or IRA, many have been able to borrow against that account without a penalty because it is an emergency.

Members have been able to remove money from a 401K plan a 10%. This strategy may also work for a company’s pension also…. please note these are idea’s that have worked for others … it is always advised that you consult a tax professional about your individual needs.

3. Leverage your home: If you have equity in your home, borrow an amount to get you through.

4. Barter for items that you would normally have to pay cash for.

5. Perform tasks or started a business that pays cash aka under the able……oops, did I say that? 🙂

I will blog more about this next week about how you can start or build an online business with modest computer skills and little to no money down …

If you have other idea’s to add to the list that we can pass on to members please enter them in the comment box below.

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Helping you survive the wait until you get approved!

Brian Therrien

Brian Therrien
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