How Much You Can Make And Keep Your Social Security Disability Benefits!

Onward with my tips to help you supplement your disability income.

Last I covered the first steps to take in your search to find a reliable way to supplement your income that is conducive to your disability.

As a follow up the first step several have asked, “how much money can I make and keep my Social Security Disability Benefits”   The short answer is as of this writing if you are Social Security Disability payments or SSI Disability payments you can typically earn up to $940 per month and keep 100% of your benefits.

There are a few exceptions like for visual impairments where this is higher.   If you are self employed or have business related expenses according to disabled business expert Andy Leaf the $940.00 limit would be the net after expenses.

Example; if your gross income is $1040.00 and your work related expenses are $100 than you net is $940 and you meet the SGA guidelines.

To confirm the exact amount you can earn listen to this interview with disability income expert Jim Troxell here. Click Here

Brian Therrien
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