Your Social Security Disability Check Is Getting An Increase $$

If you are on Social Security Disability and trying to maximize your benefits than there is some good news … a slight increase in your check is coming soon.

Its being touted as one of the largest 25 years, but many feel it long over due barely makes a dent in the spiraling cost of living.

Here the deal on the increase… when you shake it all down it amounts to about $60.00 for every $1,000 in monthly benefits.

Examples of the increase amount:
1. if your check is $1000.00 your net increase will be about $60.00,
2. if your check is $1500.00 your net increase will be about $90.00,

You can check out the exact formula Social Security uses to determine the increase here:

Although your getting a benefit hike its likely you will still feel the pinch from raising energy, housing, health care and food costs eating up your increase.¬† To help offset these cost check some of idea’s to save money.

How to maximize your disability benefits (Learn how much money you can make and keep your benefits and if you are getting all the benefits your entitled to more)

Reliable ways to supplement your disability income!

Eat healthy for less on a disability budget

Save money on long distance phone bill

To learn more about your Social Security disability check increase check out this article:

Regards – Brian Therrien

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