What’s The Amont Of Your Disability Check When You Turn 65?

This is a valuable contribution from Charles Vaugh that is good news to know now about what happens to the amount of your Social Security Disability check when you turn 65.

Hello my Fellow Disability Digest members!

A question arose this week that even our Guru Brian T. didn’t have an answer for it and he admitted that; the good man that he is.

I had asked Brian the question what happens to my SSDI benefits when I turn 65 years of age in January? Brian’s response was basically in working with other members, if I recall, one loses about 30-40 percent of their benefits and the income reverts to strictly SSI. Brian recommended that I check with SSA.

So I got on the telephone for about forty-five minutes to an hour. I was assured by the SSA employees to whom I spoke that when I turn 65 in January my SSDI benefits will convert to SSI retirement income. There will be no change in the dollar sum that I presently receive except for the cost of living increase which is 5.6% this year. She went on to explain to me that the only time that one loses their SSDI benefits is when one loses their disability and is able to return to work.

SSA will check with the disabled person periodically and the individual will have to continue to prove that he/she remains disabled. If one who is receiving SSDI is found to be working and earning over the sustained gainful activity amount which is typically around $940.00 per month, he/she will lose their benefits, become fined a dollar amount, and be forced to pay back what the individual was overpaid.

This information can be found at the on the Social Security website.

Regards Brian Therrien

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