Disability Conference 12-3-08 – Learn How To Conquer Your Limitations

Join The Disability Digest conference December 3 2008 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and learn from Peg Ball how to conquer limitations caused by your disability!

For 23 years Pegs has helped disabled identify the limiting factors
in their life, put changes in place to remove them, which has empowered
people to,

>> reach their potential
>> balance disability and health needs
>> increase independence
>> manage energy and maximize your efforts
>> make sure their disability does not get in the way of relationship
>> even get a better nights sleep

This is one conference you don’t want to miss,

Click here to register for the conference:

You can join the conference via telephone dial a toll-based number
standard long-distance charges apply. Or for FREE via the internet
all you need is headphones to hear the conference and a microphone
if you want to speak.  Detailed instructions for how to participate
will be provided in a confirmation email.

If you have a limiting factor in your life you would like to
overcome we would like to hear from you.  Just reply to this email
with up to a 100 word description with how we could help you.

>>> The conference details are <<<<<<<<<
Date: December 3 2008
Time: 3 pm Eastern Standard Time
You can participate with by phone or log on via the internet click here to register for the conference:

Respectfully – Brian

Brian Therrien
PS: Suffering from a condition or being disabled can certainly cause
limitations, but the good news is there really are people like Peg
to help you overcome them.   Hope you can join us Wednesday — Brian

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