How Missi Used This Info To Win Social Security Disability Benefits

Learn How Missi used the FREE disability Mini Course to prepare to win  her Social Security Disability.

Hi Brian,
Your messages and the SSDI Mini Course have been helpful.. My diagnosed disability is Chronic pain and Major depression most days are very difficult.  I was so nervous about the hearing, went through some of your links about how to prepare for a hearing to see what it was all about I was still very nervous but at least had an idea of what to expect.

The Disability Digest was helpful from the beginning giving me an idea of the fight I was in for.  I happened on it after I was rejected, thought my mental health would not hold out. I was granted my SSDI after being rejected the first time with a total wait of 2 years (unable to work for 4 over years). At least now I can survive after working since I was 14 years of age and now being 50 years old. My name is Missi and I live in Arizona.

Thank you for sharing the information that you do…….Keep up the great work of assisting those of us who feel we have no where to turn, because we know most attorney’s don’t offer the support we need.

Sorry it has taken longer to respond, unable to do what I used to do….takes longer now…..

Thank you again, Missi Arizona,

———-the end of Missi Success story ——

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