How Robert Landed A Job Conducive To His Disability!

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If you are looking for a job or a reliable way to supplement your income then read this success story from Robert Flacker and learn how he changed his perspective from the glass being half empty to half full and landed a job.

Robert Flacker and I have been emailing back an forth for 2 months about how to find a reliable way to supplement his income.  I asked Robert to let me know when he landed a job and  provide tips about how he did it so you could benefit from Robert’s experience…

Robert Thanks for the contribution

———–Roberts Success————-
Hi Brian

First and foremost (from personal experience) look outside of your realm of experience at new and different things.

I was a Sr. Software Engineer for 30+ years (a Main Frame programmer) when laid off 10 days after 9/11/01.   So, naturally, I began looking for what I knew best.   After I had Multiple Sclerosis visit me one night during my sleep while starting a business in 2004, my focus was on getting rid of that problem, which I did with something I found on the Internet in Europe.  Five months later I was OK’d to go back to work.   That was January 2007 when I was also told that I had had a Stroke.   So, once again I tried what I knew best, only to find that everyone required recent experience.   A year later I was back into what I got other degrees in, namely Accounting and Finance.   That was in February 2008 but the economy took a big hit and 10 potential jobs evaporated before my eyes.

I then started to look for a Group Home environment as a business as I had a speech problem and my wife had had Epilepsy from age 9 (corrected in 1983 by Brain Surgery and now on Medication), had lined up houses that I would lease, etc, but the state I live in had recently changed the laws to the point where it was a losing proposition, I tried a few other things, and finally just settled on looking for whatever was out there requiring NO experience because the SSD limited how much I could earn anyway and after applying for some 75 jobs, one just came through for an Inventory Counter.   I can work at it for how ever many hours I want, and also have time to start up a business for my wife (an Internet business) and I filled out all of the forms for a Grant in September and am just waiting on that so she can quit working at a Meijer’s (similar to Wal-Mart)and just stay home.   If she makes enough (with my help) then I can also stay home.   I had a 401K at one time which is now gone, our house of 19 years is now gone, my disability forced me into a Bankruptcy and we now live in a double-wide mobile home.   There are always choices that can be made!   I am also writing a book (I believe the name will be “Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?” to show others in a difficult situation not to give up hope and to just keep on trying.   But then I have had problems back to when I was just a fetus due to problems with my mother being in a very serious fire a year before I was even conceived and it has never stopped.   I guess I am just a constant optimist, that whatever my situation is, it can be changed.

Is this basically what you are looking for?   Or either I or you can cut this down quite a bit depending on your needs.   I have a few chapters into a publisher now for a critique because I am not even sure that it will be what the public may want as I have never written a story before, just all technical stuff.   I hope to have it completed in about a year with everything else going on.   I just started out with a bunch of high points (164 bullets) and am writing to that and will then try to flesh it up a little bit afterwards.   This write up was getting a bit large for your needs so I did have to remove some important points, like the fact that I had taken quite a few courses in College for the newer computer languages prior to the layoff, that I had bought a LOT of books and studied for more than a year at home as well on things I felt I needed to get a job (.net technology, etc).   Other things dealt with a broken wrist 31 days after being laid off and the resulting bone grafting operation cost me more the $15,000 and COBRA picked up $10,000, and there were many other things tried but the disabilities torpedoed a lot of those then, and since I was not even capable of writing anything initially I did have a Social Worker at the local VA Hospital fill out all of the paperwork after I had typed out some things for her on my computer (while wearing an eye patch to try to eliminate the double vision at least) and I got the Disability after about one year and after only one turn down.   Even now, I am totally out of ink for my printer, I have bill collectors phoning me early in the morning and waking my wife up who works 2nd shift.   There are always ‘problems’ but there are ways around those problems if you just try…

Robert Flaker

—–end of Roberts Success Story

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