Accessibility Tips To The Disability Benefits Interview


A few days ago, I posted Part 2 of a Tell All Interview with several successful Social Security Disability representatives. The tips in this interview have already helped thousands of people blast through the social security disability insurance ‘brick wall’ and win their claim.

Several have mentioned accessibility challenges, so I have put together some tips to help you overcome computer and disability related limitations so you can take full advantage of the information…

-> no have speakers on your computer?
use your public library, someone else’s computer or read the provided transcript

-> have dial up and can not play the interview?
download the MP3 to your desktop (when your computer and phone line are not needed) then reply

-> visually impaired?
listen the MP3

-> hearing impaired?
read the provided transcript

I am working on making this site 100 PERCENT CAPABLE to assist in…

Helping You Win Disability Income!

Brian Therrien
PS: If you missed the interview, it is right here.   

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