All About Social Security Disability Benefits Conference!

Attend the Disability conference and get the
knowledge to weave through the disability maze!!


On Wednesday, January 7, 2007 at 11:07 a.m. (est)
I’m holding a complimentary teleconference and Question
and answer session ALL ABOUT DISABILITY benefits,

Regardless if your on benefits or trying to get approved
you will learn valuable tips about how to use a F.R.E.E
Disability Digest Membership to weave through the disability maze…

I hope you can join me here are 3 different ways to
attend the conference…

1. Call into the conference center with the phone number below
2. Call into the conference center with the phone number below and or log on to and online conference to view the presentation
3. Log on to and online conference to listen and view the presentation

——— Telephone call directions———————–
Date: January 7 2007
Time: 11:07 AM Eastern / 8:07 AM Pacific
For the exact start time in your area go to
The Number to call is (218) 936-1067
The Conference ID is : 266971#

——- Online conference room directions —————
Go to this page below and fallow the directions….

Watch This Video I made for you to exactly how to access
the online conference room:

I’m not a doctor or lawyer and the conference and membership is free. Join me and learn all about…

– Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

– Speeding Up the Approval Process

– How to be sure you’re getting the benefit level
you’re entitled to

– How people with disabilities find a job, start a home
business, or supplement their income

– Some real secrets about where to find affordable housing

– Disabled grants,

– F.r.e.e and alternative treatment options…

I look forward to meeting you Wednesday …hope you can make it,

Brian Therrien
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