Obvious Reminder For Social Security Disability Benefits Applicants


If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, this may seem like an obvious reminder – but because 2.6 million Americans apply for disability every year and less than half get approved – I’m not willing to leave anything to chance in an effort to help you win…so here it is!!

No One Cares More About You Case Than You!!

According to expert Disability Representatives many Disabled Americans get denied benefits simply because they did not communicate their message in the proper language to the Social Security Administration. The fact is, getting benefits is not as easy as completing the application and waiting for a check.

I recommend that regardless if you are filing your case on your own or with a representative, YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY to learn how to communicate your case in the PROPER LANGUAGE to Social Security! I can be your advocate by providing this course to you, but cannot complete it for you.

If you find that you just do not have the energy or capacity to take this mini course, please find a family member or loved one to get tuned in to my mailing list so they can help you craft your message to social security.The information from the expert interviews and the upcoming lessons will take just a few hours to complete; much less time than it would take to search out this expert advice on your own and a lot less expensive than being out of work and getting denied.

I trust if you apply this information like others have done, you can be confident in knowing that you have done everything you can possibly do to maximize your chances of getting approved.Helping You Win Disability Income!

Brian Therrien

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