16,000 Died Waiting For Disability Benefit Approval, CBS News Investigates

The CBS Network has concluded a lengthy investigation into Social Security Disability benefits issues and have placed a videocast on their website as well as live report multi-part reports during the evening newscast.

The CBS report puts facts on what we know and helps by getting the word out to many Americans about the difficulties of the lengthy approval process to receive help during a time an individual is at their most vulnerable.

Facts are:

  • 2 out of 3 applicants are rejected
  • average 3 years wait for a trial
  • 750,000 cases are back logged in the system

For those struggling with the health (both mental and physical), financial and other burdens of being disabled, it is a move in the right direction during a time when our elected and hopeful-elected officials will be paying attention to the what is on the minds of Americans.

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Brian Therrien
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