The Wait For Social Security Disability & Tips To Speed Up Your Approval!


If your disability is causing you pain, waiting for your disability benefits to be approved can be even more painful! As the backlog in cases increases, the length of time for approval continues to get longer. Social security commissioner Astrue has proposed a number of new plans, from increasing the number of appeals judges to hear cases that have been turned down one time, to turning over the initial approval process to trained lawyers; a trial that worked out well during a test in 2007.

The New York Times reported a story on December 10, 2007, about a sad case where an individual could not endure the wait nor the chance of being turned down any longer and succumbed to the depression of his situation by taking his own life. His parents are left to pick up the pieces of their life without him. Ironically, he was granted a hearing date a couple of days prior to his death.

According to the New York Times article, 2.5 million people apply for disability benefits and about 2/3’s of those applicants get turned-down at the state-level. Of those, 575,000 go on to file appeal and 2/3’s of those who appeal win a reversal. Looking at that in simple numbers:

1,091,667 Give up!

383,333 Get Approved On Appeal!

The painful reality is that there is story after story documenting the wait for disability determinations. The need is increasing, the demand is increasing, and unfortunately, the wait for an initial decision or an appeal hearing before an administrative law judge is increasing.

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Brian Therrien
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