How to get all your Long Term Disability benefits?


Do the following scenarios describe a situation you could find yourself in?

– have you paid even one dollar into a long term disability insurance policy,
– think you may need to file a short or long term disability claim,
– have already filed an insurance claim for short or long term disability,
– had your long term disability claim denied in the last 6 years?

If so, then I have some GREAT NEWS for you!  As you may already know, getting insurance companies to pay individual disability claims has become a HUGE problem. It’s now being viewed by some as a consumer insurance epidemic!

To combat this I’ve worked with leading benefit recover experts to put together a FREE course to help you collect all your long term disability insurance benefits or recover benefits you’ve been denied.

The course includes a 71 minute interview with a Benefits Recovery Specialist and nine videos that will teach you everything you need to know but don’t know to ask!

Click here To register for the free course :


Brian Therrien

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