How TO Win The Disability Challenge Interview With Dr. John Tholen


I know you’ll agree that we really have a special treat when you listen to our interview (or read the transcript) with John Tholen, Ph.D, author of “Winning The Disability Challenge: A Practical Guide to Successful Living.” John has worked with people with disabilities for over twenty-five years and brings a wealth of knowledge to this recorded Interview.

Since 1982, John’s straightforward strategies have helped hundreds of people overcome some of life’s daily obstacles and win the disability challenge.  Regardless if you’re able bodied, disabled, or somewhere in between, these insights are sure to help you and others around you.

To check out the interview and transcript click here:

Listen to the interview and hear timely and uplifting discussions
about critical issues you may find yourself faced with daily.

-> Learn how becoming disabled can’t prevent you from achieving fulfilling life experiences,

-> Discover how affirmations (positive self-talk) can be a source
of comfort and get you back on track even on your darkest days,

-> Get simple manageable methods for improving your health,
managing pain, curing insomnia, and coping with various depressive and distressing symptoms,

-> Hear how to overcome “The Challenge,” whatever that may be for you,

-> John’s message is that becoming disabled liberates us from a
routine and allows us to focus on other goals in our lives,

-> Discover how “self assertion” helps you gain self respect,

-> Learn how to make the most of your relationships,

-> Get two simple tips to help preserve, even enhance, your
relationships with others,

-> Find out the biggest obstacle to conquering disability and
how to overcome it,

-> How to overcome irrational discouraging thoughts.

Do something special for yourself and share a few minutes with
someone who has spent his entire career helping people from all
walks of life overcome their own special challenges.

Click Here for the interview and transcript:

Helping you win the disability challenge!

Brian Therrien

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