Social Security Benefits Paid to Illegal Immigrants While 750,000 America’s Wait!

True or False: The social security administration is providing illegal aliens benefits while 750,000 other hard-working disabled Americans are struggling and languishing in a system setup to make sure no ‘slackers’ would receive benefits?

That statement is…False and That statement is…True. Let me explain.

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is funded through the payroll taxes of Americans, but “you don’t have to be an American to receive SSI payments. Like food stamps, Medicaid and almost every other form of social insurance that America has developed to help its citizens, Fox news reports that SSI is targeted by people from other countries as a tool to materially improve their lives without work.”

Social Security taxes that are being paid by those working the United States, may come from any American born and raised on American soil, any American that has been naturalized, or by a person considered a legal immigrant with all of the necessary paperwork and documentation required to stay here and work. On what may seem like a darker side, are the illegal immigrants who are here and receiving benefits. Did you know that there are some illegal immigrants in America that are known to the Immigration System? These people, called in official government terms “PRUCOL” aliens, are those the INS has decided to allow to remain the US for one reason or another.

If any of these people have paid social security taxes, whether in the country legally or PRUCOL, would they not all be eligible on the same terms to collect the benefits? It is a question only you can answer for yourself, but one that has petitions (not exactly worthwhile) circulating throughout email and internet sites and a topic you may find becoming increasingly popular in this voting year.

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Brian Therrien
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