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“Check Out This Interview Discover If You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated, How To Save Your Job,  or How To Use The ADA To Get A Job”


If you think you have been the victim of workplace harassment, discrimination, or even wrongful termination because of your physical limitations, then this is an interview you don’t want to miss. It’s critical that you learn your rights, how the ADA protects your rights, what to do if they have been violated, and where  to turn for help.

In the workplace, people with physical challenges and disabilities find themselves abused, harassed, and discriminated against  almost on a daily basis. Having to deal with the stresses on their physical difficulties and the effect of those difficulties on their friends and family are intense, but when they find themselves harassed at work, too, it sometimes becomes
too much to handle.

In this interview, a prominent defense attorney goes anonymously undercover as Curt K and tells all. Earlier in his career, he was a defense attorney for the big companies and learned all the tricks for making the workplace too intense for the physically  challenged employee and how to make work so uncomfortable, they would quit, not knowing their rights had been violated.

Maybe you have applied for your Social Security Disability,  and must work until your case is settled. You may find fellow employees and management treat you differently than other employees. In this interview, you will learn all about The Americans with Disability Act (ADA), the EEOC, the FMLA,
and Workplace Discrimination and Harassment.  These are all government laws designed to protect those with disabilities and workplace challenges.

During the interview, you will learn:

-> Employers can fire you anytime for any reason as long as it’s legal,

-> What are legal and illegal grounds for termination,

-> You cannot be terminated for having a disability,

-> What sort of treatment is considered harassment and how to legally respond,

-> What an “accommodation” is and how to ask for one to keep you job,

-> Can you take action against your old company because they did not make an accommodation for you?

As a Job seeker you will learn:

-> How to use the ADA to help you get a job,

-> How asking for an accommodations can help you get and keep your job,

-> Three realistic accommodations to ask for,

-> The single most important thing to know when you have a disability and are looking for a job,

-> How and when to use the EEOC,

-> All about the FMLA and why it’s the silver bullet for job protection,

-> When you should ask for help.

If you think you’ve been harassed or discriminated against on the job,  you’ll certainly be interested in the legal resourses covered on this call!

To listen to or read the transcript of the interview, and get these
tips from the Undercover Lawyer, click here

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