How To Document Work and Medical Conditions To Win Social Security Disability Benefits!

Welcome To The How To WIN Your Disability Case Lesson 3

In Lesson Two, we talked about what to say and what not to say when TELEPHONING Social Security for your initial application.

As you will learn from this course, winning a Social Security Disability claim has less to do with the conditions you have and more to do with how your conditions limit your ability to do any Job in the United States Economic system.

Todays lesson is crucial in proving you qualify for benefits because it covers how to document your work history and medical condition so you can prove you have the condition(s) that limit your ability to work.

I will say in advance┬áthat comprehensive documentation is often a time consuming but necessary preparation step that’s been a key ingredient to helping thousands that have taken this course win their benefits!

So, please, take the time to properly document your work history and medical condition(s) and you’ll be confident that you’re doing all you can do to maximize your chances of winning your benefits.

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Brian ­čÖé

Brian Therrien
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