Will The Social Security Disability Fund Be There For Baby Boomers and Beyond?

The term “Baby Boomers” is a term coined for Americans born between 1946 – 1964. As this group is aging, social security disability continues to feel its own “boom.” With all the mechanisms that have been put into place; hiring more administrative law judges to reduce the backlog of pending cases, creating a faster decision making tool for claims examiners and fast-tracking claims of certain conditions, the claim process for the baby boomers is certain to escalate and put strain on an already cash-strapped, administrative nightmare.

Many baby boomers have grown up to question authority and ask ‘why?’ in politics or government affairs, not afraid to voice their opinion or work toward reforming unpopular policy. When confronted with the dizzying array of paperwork, possible hearings, the stress brought about by disability itself and adding a system designed to help them coupled with losing their nest egg due to disability, they will not sit idly by and wonder why their benefits are so hard-won.

The outlook for future benefits is not one to be taken lightly. According to the social security administration, there will be 2.1 workers for each Social Security beneficiary in 2031, when all baby boomers will be over age 65. Currently, there are 3.3 workers for each Social Security beneficiary. (http://www.ssa.gov/pressoffice/basicfact.htm) The workforce shrinkage and benefits requests increase translate into what baby boomers feared during their working years – there was cause for concern when it came time for them to collect on benefits, whether disability or retirement.

Because of the expected cash crunch and there are 750,000 waiting to get approved, I advocate that any Social Security Disability applicants complete my FREE SSDI mini course so you can maximize your chances of winning.

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Brian Therrien

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