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I was granted permission from Cynthia Altamirano to share our email communication about her son Jacob who passed away at just 24 and had not yet been approved for his disability.

I am in hopes that this story helps you understand that there really are for F.ree disability Assistance organizations that provide financial assistance, legal aid, advocacy, support groups and more..

Scroll down to read the story and learn how to contact your local center for independent living.

From: Cynthia Altamirano
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2010
Subject: My son Jacob…

Dear Brain,

Approximately 2 years ago you were email contact with my son, Jacob, regarding his disability claim. The attorney’s he contracted with petitioned the court to be dropped from the case as soon as they were informed of his death. My husband was contacted several times by a representative from the Disability Board before

agreeing to continue his case. We were unaware that the courts were moving on this, and very surprised when we were advised to step in for Jacob. At this time my husband is handling the claim, but we are still very emotional and it is difficult to follow through.

We have been notified of a Hearing on the matter on May 4th, but many of the medical providers have yet to respond the requests for records. We would like to enlist some assistance at this time because we are clearly out of our depth and emotionally overwhelmed.

Would you happen to know of anyone in the Bay Area (specifically the East Bay) that we could perhaps contact to help us on this claim?

I appreciate all of the advice you gave Jacob in 2008, it is unfortunate he did live to use it to his advantage. All he wanted was to receive the care he needed and to be able to obtain gainful employment following rehabilitation from the surgeries.

Thank you again,

Cyn Altamirano

From: Brian Therrien
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 7:02 AM
Subject: RE: My son Jacob…


Glad to help,

As for step one I suggest you contact your local center for independent living the case and ask for a referral.

Also let me know how old your son is an I may have other options.

To learn about centers for independent living and contact your local click here.

Brian Therrien

The Disability Digest

From: Cynthia Altamirano
Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2011 8:42 PM
To: ‘Brian Therrien’

Subject: RE: My son Jacob…

Dear Brian,

I’m using the reply function on this email so that you might better know who/what this is about. I wanted to say thank you for the information you provided. My husband contacted the Center for Indep Living and received a referral to John C. Willbrand here in Concord, Ca. Mr Willbrand did excellent work even though the case had no real money in it.

Today we received a Notice of Decision – Fully Favorable to Jacob’s claim of disability.

Although this notice brings up more of the pain of our loss, and potent reminders of Jacob’s terrible ordeal, we are satisfied that his claim would have been granted. It may seem strange, but to us, Jacob is vindicated.
Thank you again for your advice to my son and husband.  God bless you and the work you do to help others.


Cyn Altamirano

———–the end————

Cynthia contribution proves that centers for independent living are one of the best kept secrets for F.ree Legal Aid and more.

To learn about centers for independent living and contact your local click here.


Brian Therrien

The Disability Digest

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