All about disability webinar 2.15.11. Join and get the latest disability information and resources


I will be hosting a complimentary webinar Tuesday February 15 at 3:10 pm eastern standard time (12:10 pm pst, 2:10 pm cst).

You get the latest disability information and learn how to use your FREE Disability Digest membership to weave through the maze of disability related issues including!

> Qualify for disability,

> How to make sure you’re getting the benefit level you’re entitled to,

> How much money you can make and keep your benefits,

> Where to find reliable jobs and income opportunities,

> How to start a business with no money down,

> Where to find affordable housing in great neighborhoods,

> How to choose the correct Medicare plan for your needs and budget.

> Qualifying for a grant, And …

Much more

After registering for the webinar you will:

> be asked what is the most pressing disability related issue we can help you with?
> receive a confirmation email with directions to join the webinar,

Space is limited so click here now reserve your webinar seat:

I look forward to getting together on Tuesday and helping you weave through the maze of disability issues.

A reply of the webinar will be posted.


Brian Therrien

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