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I will be hosting a complimentary webinar Monday June 6 at 3:10 pm eastern standard time (12:10 pm PST, 2:10 pm CST).   You will get the latest disability information,  answers to your questions and learn how to use your Disability Digest membership to weave through the maze of disability related issues including!

> How to get approved for disability,

> How to make sure you’re getting the benefit level you’re entitled to,

> How much money you can make and keep your benefits,

> Where to find reliable jobs and income opportunities,

> How to start a business with no money down,

> Where to find affordable housing in great neighborhoods,

> How to choose the correct Medicare plan for your needs and budget.

> Qualifying for a grant, And …

Much more

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I look forward to getting together on Monday and helping you weave through the maze of disability issues.  A reply of the webinar will be posted on this blog.


Brian Therrien

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The webinar was very informative. One thing I was amazed to learn was of the unlimited income I can earn and be paid through our LLC with the Trial Work Month Program, without losing my disability check.

I am realizing the info you are providing is of tremendous value. And as you mentioned, it is not readily made available anywhere else.

Thank you for all your work and for sharing this much needed info.

Cindy Hollandsworth – Raleigh, NC


Conference calls have been very helpful, not just to me but I consistently help others as well. Especially on the information of how to apply correctly for Social Security Disability and not to give up continue to appeal with Social Security.

Esther Kirkland – Washington



Thanks for the follow up……and I meant to send you an email earlier to thank you for the invitation to the Webinar and specifically to tell you I thought the session was terrific!

Thank you.

By the way, I thought you did a great job! Maybe there’s a roll for you in Hollywood yet!   Most of all I thought your entire presentation was just really well done…. well laid out, and well presented….

It must be difficult playing to such a varied audience;  I’m sure you have a wide demographic and disperse group educationally, and physically. And some, like me….have experienced significant change both physically and otherwise since my Transplant……so let me just say, “Bravo”!

I’ll be back in touch soon…..really enjoyed the Webinar.

Thanks again.

Stephen Durand – Rhode Island

Space is limited so click here and reserve your webinar seat now:

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