6 Application Prepartation Steps For SSDI While You Are Still Working

If you are working and contemplating filing for Social Security Disability I applaud you for your forward thinking. Because there are 6 critical preparation steps you can take right now to help your application stand out from the 2.6 million other applicants and maximize your chances of winning in the optimum amount of time..

The 6 steps to help you prepare now are!

1. Get Orientated With Disability System
Review the (F.R.E.E) SSDI mini course I have for you and learn … Who qualifies? What conditions and problems count as valid disabilities? Who decides? How do you apply? How do you get the disability forms you need? Why can it take so long to get approved? Do you need an attorney? Can you supplement your income and keep your benefits.

2. Organize & Get Doctors Support
Learn how Jonathan Ginsbergs Disability Answer Guide can help you easily get the proper medical support from your doctor and complete ANY APPLICATION FORM accurately to help prevent your case from becoming another disability statistic without spending a fortune!”

3. Keep A Diary
Take some time for yourself and write down how your condition limits you on a daily basis. Have this journal available to you at all times so that if you experience a difficulty during the day you can make a note of it. It really important that you begin this journal BEFORE you apply for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits. If you are reading this after you already applied, then start now.

4. Avoid filing while working
If you completely stop before you file for disability it will increase your chances of winning click here to learn more

5. Get support from others!
There’s others in the community now that know how you feel, what your going through and are willing to lend a helping hand to ease your struggle. To get connected and support from click here:

6. Maximize Your Chances For Winning!
Book mark the web site below and before you file complete the steps on this page to maximize your chances for winning,

Last is my disclaimer …. I’m not a Dr or a Lawyer and there’s no charge for these very same tips that have helped thousands just like you win their disability income (see list of success stories)

Thanks for the opportunity to help you win your disability income!

Brian Therrien
Charlotte, Vermont
Ps. Learn exactly what to include in your pain journal here!

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