What To Do While Waiting To Be Approved For Social Security Disability!

I’m often asked what can I do while I wait to be approved Social security Disability!

I’m not going to sugar coat it … if ya want to win your disability benefits working or even going to school will have a negative impact on the approval of your application.

I view this to a great set up to time and suggest that you use these 5 steps to prepare you to hit the ground running after approved ….

1. Win Your Disability Quick
Care less mistakes in you application can cause month and years of delays.
Reduce the financial drain take every lesson in my SSDI mini course so you can get approved in the fastest time possible.

2. Learn All About Disability
Make your self familiar with all the resources in our members area that will
help you weave through the disability maze once approved …

3. Research and Prepare
Use this time now as set up to research what you want to do after you are approved i.e. work from home. work out side the home, go to school, start a business….

If you have an interest in furthering your education, starting a business its possible to get assistance through several government programs ……

4. Get in the best possible shape
Even if you can find a diet exercise of traditional medication solution that will improve you well being by 5 % you will likely still be disabled but at least be 5% better…..

To conclude don’t become a couch potato while your waiting…. there’s lots you can do during this approval time to keep you mind sharp and set you up for post award life …

I encourage you to get busy and enjoy the wait!


Brian Therrien

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