About Me–Advocate


This is John Woodworth, and below you will find a brief bio:

As I have long regarded myself an advocate for the disadvantaged, I have used the moniker ‘Advocate’ across the Internet in a variety of publications, and for a number of years.

My long and varied career has found me in the business world, for example, advocating for my clients as I searched and developed plans for successful strategic alliances.  I looked for win-win- situations, and was fairly successful in my endeavors.

As a vocational rehab counselor, I was certainly an advocate—-someone had to be, as it became clear to me that the insurance industry simply did not regard the injured worker as anything more than a number, or a case that needed to be ‘cleared’ from someone’s desk.  So, I stood up for my clients, and came away from that industry feeling good about my efforts to enrich the lives of those who had experienced work related injuries, and the resulting negativity associated with this environment.  Naturally, the insurance companies did not appreciate the fact that I took each case individually and seriously, but my job placement rate was among the best in the industry.

As a counselor in several psychiatric hospitals, I constantly advocated for the rights of patients, many of whom were treated as if they were pariahs, or social outcasts.  Many times, these folks received poor or no medical care at all unless the counselors confronted the medical establishment.  Yes, the hospital administrators did not like me at all.

Then, after I became disabled, I researched over 1000 work at home opportunities, and was prepared to present my findings—hopefully, many legitimate opportunities—but became disillusioned as the number of scams and simply untenable money making plans grossly outnumbered the legitimate ones.

Now, with The Disability Digest, I am posting helpful information for disabled people, and am participating in programs which will help streamline the ‘system’ and shorten the time involved for a disabled person to qualify for, and obtain their legal benefits.

I also write occasionally for Demand Studios.

I have a university degree from many years ago, and my interests are reading and playing music—-electronic horn and harmonica.

Please feel free to email me at john@thedisabilitydigest.com anytime.

Thanks, and the best to everyone.