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FREE – All About Disability Webinar November 4 at 3:00 pm

Hi: I will be hosting a complimentary webinar Wednesday November 4 at 3:00 pm eastern standard time (12:00 pm pst, 2:00 pm cst). I hope you can join so I can show you exactly how to use your Disability Digest membership to weave through maze of disability issues.  You’ll learn how to use you membership […]

Disabled Targeted By Scam

Hopefully, we are a savvy enough group of people to not fall victim to Internet based schemes which seek to separate you from your money.  These schemes (scams) are many and varied, and quite sophisticated. But then , most disabled individuals possess better radar than most, having to deal with bureaucracies which present their own […]

Disabled Health Care System

Here’s a question:  If an already disabled health care system for the disabled is  further disabled by government intervention, does that mean that the health care system in question is completely disabled?  Or just partially? If completely, perhaps it would qualify for benefits itself—— We would have to concur that the condition was permanent and […]

Disabled Forgiven For Student Loans

There are many shared experiences among the permanently disabled, including the difficulties associated with obtaining government benefits, both medical and financial. This is but one example. Another would be the social changes facing disabled folks.  It just isn’t the same when one’s focus is altered, or time is limited—-relationships change, preventing, say, visits to friends […]

Learn how to build a website that supplements your Disability 9.2.09 3 pm est

Have you ever wondered what to do after working hard for many years to support yourself and your family only to have an injury or illness suddenly rob you of your capacity to work? If you answered, “Yes,” you’re not alone.  Thousands just like you have unexpectedly found themselves faced with this very difficult question…how […]