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Where disabled get support from others

Greetings If you are looking for answers and support for your condition, then paying a visit to Ben’s Friends could be the answer. Ben’s Friends is comprised of 23 different patient-to-patient networks, all built through word-of-mouth.   Thousands have banned together to support others with similar conditions. It is a great place to get or give […]

Pain relief and better sleep solutions interview with Dr’s and disabled

Listen to these stories from DR’s and real people like you and learn how you can reduce your discomfort and increase your sleep without traditional medicine.  Click here If you wonder whether there really is a way to improve your quality of life, reduce your discomfort (or even agony), and increase your sleep without traditional […]

Disabled? – Working a little can save you alot

This contribution from Adrianne Johnston could save your thousands on Medicare for just working a little. The 250 working disabled program provides full scope Medi-Cal benefits to working disabled individuals with countable income below 250% of the federal poverty level. Eligible people pay a premium based on their income. What does this all mean? It […]

Webinar – How to get approved for disability – FAST

Wanted to make certain you did not miss out on how to slash months of time off your disability approval time and gain the confidence that you have done your best to get approved in record time. So I recorded the webinar for you. Click here to check out the webinar You will get answers […]

All About Disability Webinar 2.15.11 – get the latest disablity information

Thanks for visiting The Disability Digest blog. I invite you to watch the All About Disability webinar to get the latest disability information and learn how to use your Disability Digest membership to weave through the maze of disability-related issues. Click here to watch the webinar: You will get answers to the most pressing questions […]