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How to qualifying and win you’re Social Security Disability Benefits interview transcript!

Hi all… Last week I posted an audio interview and MP3 all about how to qualifying and win you’re Social Security Disability Benefits. The information in this interview is from one to the top Disability representatives in the United States and has already helped over 11,023 American win their disability! Many have requested a printed […]

Because SSDI applicants have died waiting, some get disabilty benefits approved in just 11 days!

Unfortunately, many social security disability applicants die while waiting to get approved… no joke…I’m dead serious. As a matter of fact the Social Security Administration (SSA) admits this on their web site and it’s the number two reason members unsubscribe from my mailing list….. SSA is sensitive to this and has taken steps to address […]

Blast Through The Social Security Disability Brick Wall!

Hi: Many people run into brick walls during the Social Security Disability approval process. It seems like all of your information should be contained in ONE location on the net…(but remember, this is a government operation we’re talking about). Worse yet, it can be next to impossible to get the right department on the phone, […]

Disability benefits conference, can you join me?

_________________________________________   Attend the Disability conference and learn how to weave through the maze of disability benefit information!!   We’ll cover Getting approved, Maximizing your benefits, Grants, Housing, Job and Income ______________________________________

Your Statistical Chances Of Getting Approved Social Security Disability

Hi: If you have ever wondered what your chances of getting approved for Social Security Disability I’ve Got the stats. Now let me preface these Social Security stats by saying that they are a broad scope based on all that have filed, therefore it includes those that have properly filed (just like I’m going to […]