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How To Document Work and Medical Conditions To Win Social Security Disability Benefits!

Welcome To The How To WIN Your Disability Case Lesson 3 In Lesson Two, we talked about what to say and what not to say when TELEPHONING Social Security for your initial application. As you will learn from this course, winning a Social Security Disability claim has less to do with the conditions you have […]

Social Security Benefits Paid to Illegal Immigrants While 750,000 America’s Wait!

Greetings True or False: The social security administration is providing illegal aliens benefits while 750,000 other hard-working disabled Americans are struggling and languishing in a system setup to make sure no ‘slackers’ would receive benefits? That statement is…False and That statement is…True. Let me explain. Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is funded through the payroll […]

How To Successfully Answer Social Security Disability Application Questions

Hi: In lesson one, Jonathan Ginsberg reviewed the three things you absolutely must know before you send back ANY communications to Social Security. Today we’ll talk about actually TELEPHONING Social Security, and how to answer the initial application questions correctly to maximize your chances of being approved. Click here to read this VERY IMPORTANT lesson: […]

The Wait For Social Security Disability & Tips To Speed Up Your Approval!

Hi: If your disability is causing you pain, waiting for your disability benefits to be approved can be even more painful! As the backlog in cases increases, the length of time for approval continues to get longer. Social security commissioner Astrue has proposed a number of new plans, from increasing the number of appeals judges […]

How To Get Started With Disability

Hi, Jonathan Ginsberg is a social security disability attorney who has represented over 1,000 people weave through the maze of the disability system. He has been kind enough to provide us with a mini-course called How To Win Your Social Security Disability Claim. In the first lesson, Mr. Ginsberg reviews Social Security’s key criteria for awarding claims … […]