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16,000 Died Waiting For Disability Benefit Approval, CBS News Investigates

The CBS Network has concluded a lengthy investigation into Social Security Disability benefits issues and have placed a videocast on their website as well as live report multi-part reports during the evening newscast. The CBS report puts facts on what we know and helps by getting the word out to many Americans about the difficulties […]

Obvious Reminder For Social Security Disability Benefits Applicants

Hi, If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, this may seem like an obvious reminder – but because 2.6 million Americans apply for disability every year and less than half get approved – I’m not willing to leave anything to chance in an effort to help you win…so here it is!! No One Cares More […]

Social Security Disability Benefit Success Stories From Real People, Just Like You! This FREE Course Really Can Help You Win!

Greetings: When gathering information to help you get approved for Social Security Disability Benefits (or anything for that matter), you always have to consider the source of the information. The wise are known for seeking guidance at reliable resources. Because I’m not a Doctor or Lawyer and my advice is FREE, you may wonder if […]

All About Social Security Disability Benefits Conference!

_____________________________________ Attend the Disability conference and get the knowledge to weave through the disability maze!! _____________________________________ Hi: On Wednesday, January 7, 2007 at 11:07 a.m. (est) I’m holding a complimentary teleconference and Question and answer session ALL ABOUT DISABILITY benefits, Regardless if your on benefits or trying to get approved you will learn valuable tips […]

Accessibility Tips To The Disability Benefits Interview

Hi, A few days ago, I posted Part 2 of a Tell All Interview with several successful Social Security Disability representatives. The tips in this interview have already helped thousands of people blast through the social security disability insurance ‘brick wall’ and win their claim. Several have mentioned accessibility challenges, so I have put together […]