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Understaffed Overworked Social Security Asked To Take on Another Dumb Ass Task…

Learn how you can Join the ALCU and help make a difference! Members of the House of Representatives are requesting to increase the workload by asking Social Security System (SSA) to implement a mandatory verification of every worker in the U.S. The already understaffed – overworked SSA would now be responsible for verifying every person’s […]

6 Application Prepartation Steps For SSDI While You Are Still Working

If you are working and contemplating filing for Social Security Disability I applaud you for your forward thinking. Because there are 6 critical preparation steps you can take right now to help your application stand out from the 2.6 million other applicants and maximize your chances of winning in the optimum amount of time.. The […]

Working While Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

I’m often asked about applying for disability benefits and working? As the rules go social Security (SSA) allows you to apply for disability if your monthly earnings are less than $940.00 / month. However in my opinion working and applying is the proverbial dammed if ya do and damned if ya don’t scenario. Because if […]

Judge Explains Why Social Security Disability Representatives Are Like Cars

Listen to this 3 minute live recording from a Social Security Disability Hearing and learn direct from a Social Security Judge… > why disability representatives are like cars > good cars aka reps can win cases with out overwhelming medical evidence! > 90% of other reps would not have won this case, I’m in hopes […]

The Social Security Disability Dance!

When success stories like Mary Young’s come in I stop everything I’m doing and get up from the computer and do victory dance! I’ll leave the visual on my dance to your imagination but you can hear first hand from Mary all about how she was able to blast through the disability brick wall with […]