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Have You Been Forced Into A Fight With Social Security Disability That You Can’t Win?

Last week The New York Times accused Long Term Disability Carrier’s of forcing policy holders to file for Social Security Disability and I followed up with my rant on this with a post titled “LTD Insurance Companies Are In Bed With the Feds, Causing Social Security Disability Back Log” This media blitz has caused many […]

All About Disabled Benefits Conference Replay

The replay and transcript for the April 2 2008 All About Disability Conference is below. Get 2 NEW DISABILITY SECRETS and learn the answers to these 14 question, – do disabled qualify for the “stimulus package” – does SS review your case, on any kind of regular basis, and what kind of procedure do they […]

Social Security Disability Lost My Case. How To Prevent This Costly Mistake Happen To You

This story from Jo is a real life experience that can prevent your social security disability application from being lost, and avoid months if not years of delay! Thanks for the contribution Jo —-story starts here——- I live in the most heavily populated, fastest growing state east of the Mississippi. Since my claim is based […]

LTD Insurance Companies Are In Bed With the Feds… Causing Social Security Disability Back Log

Million of Working Americans are offered long term disability insurance from companies like Unum and Signa. The concept of this employee benefit is to protecting your self in the event you can’t work. Which to most makes totally since until you dig a little bit and learn how long your covered and that you may […]