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Can You Join The Disability Benefits Conference?

Hi: Wednesday June 4 2008 at 10:58 am eastern standard time I’m holding a complimentary teleconference followed by a question and answer session ALL ABOUT DISABILITY benefits, Regardless if your on benefits, trying to get approved or just thinking about it you will learn valuable tips that will help you cope with your situation. I […]

Winning & Coping With Disability Success Story

Hi: Listen to this audio interview with Michelle Toole learn how you can apply Michelle’s real life experience to… > Win your disability fast – Michelle won just 6 months at age 34, > Build a web site from scratch that will supplement your income, (even if you have zero computer skills) > Cope with […]

I Recorded The May Tele-Conference All About The Disability Digest Community For You!

Listen to the conference replay and learn how to join The Disability Digest Community and connect with others like you. Click here to listen to the replay: Our community is free, easy to join and you will find caring folks in it right now that you can share stories ideas, audios, photos with or get […]

What To Do While Waiting To Be Approved For Social Security Disability!

I’m often asked what can I do while I wait to be approved Social security Disability! I’m not going to sugar coat it … if ya want to win your disability benefits working or even going to school will have a negative impact on the approval of your application. I view this to a great […]

Can I Attend School While Waiting To Get Approved Disability?

Although one can argue that School is not work and there is no income associated with going to School Social Security Disability Experts experts considered it a no no to attend school while you applying/waiting to get approved. The reason is attending school exemplifies that you can be some where at a certain time (even […]