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Lupus Sufferer Approved For Social Security Disability In Just 5 Months – Learn How!

Hi I get so excited when I hear disability approval success stories like this one from Dorothea McClinton that I get up from my computer and do my (soon to be famous) DISABILITY APPROVAL VICTORY DANCE! 🙂 ——–Here’s Dorothea’s Story————————— Hi Brian, Just wanted to thanks for all the helpful information. It helped me tremendously. […]

Survey Says Most Americans Would Rather Be Dead Than Disabled

Wanted to let you know about a recent disability survey sponsored by Disaboom revealed that 52 percent of Americans would rather be dead than disabled! In my opinion this survey is a classic example of Americans seeing the glass half empty and not understanding disability. Thus, I cannot resist sharing my $.02 on this one. […]

Get The Latest On The ADA This Saturday – National Forum on Disability Conference!

The National Forum on Disability Issues, is a non-partisan forum on national disability policy. They are holding a A free Live Webcast! This Saturday! July 26, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio. The forum will celebrate the 18th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and address the issues that impact the disability community…. There is […]

12 Tips That Got A 39 Year Old Approved For Social Security Disability Benefits In 4 Months!

In a continued effort to help you understand that you can apply the knowledge of experts and experience of others to Blast Through The Disability Brick Walls I’m excited to share DEANNA NERI’s story. DEANNA’s top 12 tips that helped here get approved for Social Security Disability benefits at age 39, in just FOUR MONTHS […]

Top 3 Questions After Being Approved For Social Security Disability Benefits!

I receive about 3 comments a day like the one below that say some thing like “I have FULL APPROVAL” I cannot thank you enough Getting approved for Social Security Disability commonly triggers a whole new set of questions like the ones in red I have addressed below I just wrote a testimony about how […]