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Have A Rare Diseases Or Cancer? Applying For Disability? Please Read This?

Social Security Administration’s new Compassionate Allowances is touted as great news for disability applicants with rare diseases and cancers… but is it really? Social Security Administration’s new Compassionate Allowances initiative is designed to fast-track Social Security disability applications for 25 rare diseases and 25 cancers that are deemed to be severe. The Compassionate Allowances Impairments […]

What’s The Amont Of Your Disability Check When You Turn 65?

This is a valuable contribution from Charles Vaugh that is good news to know now about what happens to the amount of your Social Security Disability check when you turn 65. Hello my Fellow Disability Digest members! A question arose this week that even our Guru Brian T. didn’t have an answer for it and […]

I Obtained My Social Security Disability In 6 Months Following What You Outlined!

This Social Security Disability Success Story Just in from Michael Mazzoni.  His advise is follow the Disability Digest Mini Course and make copies of everything. —– Here is Michael’s whole success story Brian let em’ know that by following what you outlined, I obtained my disability in 6 months. One small step for mankind.  I […]

Learn How To Get $65 Worth of Food For Just $30 And Stretch Your Disability Budget!

As the global melt down heats up and the cost of food continues to rise I’m always on the look out for reliable ways to help you maximize your benefits and stretch your disability check. In our September tele – conference we discussed how to eat healthy for less on a disability budget, and several […]

How Your Failed Work Attempts Help Your Social Security Disability Chances!

As a follow up to my post about how a well documented solid work history can help you win your Social Security Disability Application.  The flip side of this issue is how failed work attempts impact your social security disability application. Here’s what the experts in the Disability Digest Mini Course say. A consistent effort […]