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How To Supplement Your Disability Income Taking Pictures $$$

Hey all I stumbled upon a great blog Photography blog this week that could be an ideal way for you to supplement your disability income and keep your benefits! Tom Aellis is a the founder of The Warriors Eye blog that is catching fire in the disabled photography buff circles.  I suspect the reason why […]

Finacial Help For Disability Applicants With Assets Less Than $3,000

The approval process for Social Security Disability according the CBS news special report can be long and drawn out taking many over 3 years to get approved. Surviving the wait until your social security disability approval is intimidating and although there is no clear cut slam dunk easy solution here’s a tip that can help […]

Earn More Money And Keep Your Disability Benefits In 2009

Good news for disability recipients the amount of money you can make and still keep your benefits is automatically increasing in 2009. The amount of money you can earn and keep your benefits in social security lingo is considered substantial gainful activity (SGA) and the SGA is going up.    Your specific SGA depends on the […]

Does unemployment interfere with the ability to apply for disability?

The short answer is yes it does.  This is because to receive unemployment you are saying that you can work.  Its just that you are not able to find a job, thus you get an unemployment check. One of the key criteria for winning Social Security Benefits is you need to prove that you are […]

Does Your Child’s Disability Qualify Disability Income? (Child SSI Benefits)

Child cases have significantly different approval criteria than adult cases.   Whereas adults typically have to prove that they can not do any job in the united states 5 days a week 40 hours a week and have medical evidence to support it children under 18 have to proof that their impairments limit their normal daily […]