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How To Conquer Your Most Pressing Disability Concern (FREE MP3 & Private Session)

________________________________________________________________ Listen To This Interview With Peg Ball And Learn How To Break Down Barriers, Reduce Limitations And Conquer Your Most Pressing Concern. For A Limited Time You Can GET HELP FOR FREE IN A One On One Session With Peg. ________________________________________________________________ Hi: Peg has 23 years of experience at improving the lives of people […]

How Robert Landed A Job Conducive To His Disability!

Greetings  all If you are looking for a job or a reliable way to supplement your income then read this success story from Robert Flacker and learn how he changed his perspective from the glass being half empty to half full and landed a job. Robert Flacker and I have been emailing back an forth […]

How Missi Used This Info To Win Social Security Disability Benefits

Learn How Missi used the FREE disability Mini Course to prepare to win  her Social Security Disability. Hi Brian, Your messages and the SSDI Mini Course have been helpful.. My diagnosed disability is Chronic pain and Major depression most days are very difficult.  I was so nervous about the hearing, went through some of your […]

Disability Conference 12-3-08 – Learn How To Conquer Your Limitations

Join The Disability Digest conference December 3 2008 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and learn from Peg Ball how to conquer limitations caused by your disability! For 23 years Pegs has helped disabled identify the limiting factors in their life, put changes in place to remove them, which has empowered people to, >> reach their […]