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Disability solutions conference, join me 4.1.09 3pm est

Posted by Brain Therrien Join me Wednesday April 1 2008 at 3 pm Eastern to get a solution to your most pressing concern. Tell me your most pressing Disability concern (or any issue your struggle with) and I’ll do my best to help you find a solution! This is your chance to get help with: […]

Trouble With The Law

Since my accepted application by the friendly folks at Social Security Disability, eleven years ago,  I have made the acquaintance of many individuals who live and work in the world of the disabled.  You all know— the interesting folks at the agencies and physician networks, and various medical research facilities one encounters in each day’s […]

The latest disabled housing hunting tips

Listen to this interview with disabled housing expert Arron Lema and get the latest house hunting tips. Listen and learn – How to find housing in safe neighborhoods even if you have bad c.r.e.d.i.t and less that a buck in your pocket! – How to make your home an affordable sanctuary that adapts to you […]

Fed Up With Making Ends Meet On A Disability Budget?

Hi … it’s Brian … * The Truth About Getting Started Online From The Only Person I Really Trust — The Man Who Helped Me Build The Disability Digest: I’m sending this to you because I believe leveraging the internet to supplement your disability is ideal because of the flexible schedule is conducive to lots […]

Important Message For Disabled Persons Trying To Make Ends Meet

* IMPORTANT: nothing to buy in this message, no links I want you to click – I just want you to READ it ===================================================== I’ve got an important message for Disabled persons trying to make ends meet … and I put NO buying links in this email because I really want you to read it, […]