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Government Jobs For The Disabled

On April 21, 2009, the Social Security Administration, through its ‘Leadership For The Employment of Americans With Disabilities’ unveiled plans to hire a good number of persons with disabilities. As many of you may have learned, the Social Security Administration received funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Those funds, along with […]

Voices of The Disabled

Naturally, every one of us who is disabled likely has at least one horror story, particularly as we try and move through the Disability system designed and administered by our Federal and State governments. A lot of folks are aware that Brian has put together a comprehensive ‘answer guide’ chock full of important information to […]

Disabled? Injured Worker? You Might Be Losing Your Primary Physician

It seems everywhere one turns these days, bad news abounds.  Now, according to a major survey conducted by the Physician’s Foundation, it looks as if a number of primary physicians are cutting back on the number of patients they treat, or are getting out of private practice altogether. The Physicians’ Foundation for Health Systems Excellence […]

Disabled and Working From Home—–Real Jobs

In an earlier post, I presented some fairly negative, yet honest facts and figures concerning the success rate people have when working from home.  The focus of that post centered around ‘business opportunities,’ including affiliate marketing, direct sales, and a host of other business formats which have historically proven to be a waste of time […]

Working and Losing Disability Benefits – True Story – Happy Ending

Greeting all this is a real life story from Lady Luck about working and losing disability benefits then a fighting Social Security to get them back. Lady details her experience about working, earning over the SGA, losing her benefits and then the happy ending is Lady gets here benefits back … This is priceless info […]