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Disabled? Watch Out For These Killer Medications

In an earlier post, I railed on and on about Methadone, and its inherent destructive nature. So, too, the drugs Enbrel,Humira, Cimzia, and Remicade to mention but just a few which are rushed through the FDA inspection and medical trials process.  These drugs are primarily used to treat arthritis—-pain killers. The FDA reviewed 240 reports […]

Disabled Targeted By Online Scam, Asserts FBI

The whole notion of scams designed expressly for separating a trusting individual from their money is nauseating, on its face, but especially so when the most vulnerable among us are subject to the most intense efforts on the part of the scammers.  Disabled folks, or those who have recently lost a job—are particularly at risk, […]

How To Dress For Success On A Disability Budget

Dress For Success On A Disability Budget By Lady Luck “This a brilliant contribution that will help you land a job, find a house and weave through other disability related issues.” Recently, at a disabilities support meeting, a woman I will call Mary stood in front of the group and delivered a tirade about being […]

Disabled Government Contacts

The incoming Democratic administration should offer the disabled community more opportunities to advance worthwhile causes, and despite the bad economy, new monies have been assigned to projects such as home repair for low income, disabled people. This project is through HUD, but there are many others. So, some key figures have been identified (and there […]

Disabled Lifeline Robbed

Not to reflect the contrarian viewpoint from the previous article about Medicade— it still bodes well for justice to attempt to uncover why any Federal entitlement fund, as proscribed by law, is remarkably and blatantly ‘borrowed from’ by  other government agencies (our Treasury),  and are never paid back.  Whoops.  The Social Security Disability Fund is […]