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Vaccine Update! Veterans Disabled By Mysterious Innoculation

As disgusting and inherently immoral as it may be, apparently the US military, in obvious alliance with the FDA and other governmental entities, has been administering vaccines to active duty personnel, sickening thousands of our troops, even causing death.  All attempts to obtain information regarding these vaccines have been thwarted by military officials. Again, this […]

Killer Vaccines. Disabled At Risk, Says Eminent Researcher.

Did you ever wonder why there was such a thing as ‘flu-season’?  As a medical researcher, I have been unable to uncover any reliable or valid data which suggests a causal relationship between climatic changes and the onset on any particular strain of flu.  So, why do we have a ‘season’? In the interests of […]

More Drug Warnings For The Disabled

Apparently, it is time again to present a vigorous stand against the pharmaceutical companies who seem determined to ruin the health, if not cause the death, of many consumers.  Disabled individuals are particularly at risk, as in many cases, their immune systems are already tenuous.  But the offending agents might surprise you—–they are not complicated […]