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Learn how to build a website that supplements your Disability 9.2.09 3 pm est

Have you ever wondered what to do after working hard for many years to support yourself and your family only to have an injury or illness suddenly rob you of your capacity to work? If you answered, “Yes,” you’re not alone.  Thousands just like you have unexpectedly found themselves faced with this very difficult question…how […]

Disabled Veterans Getting The Shaft

It likely comes as no surprise to many that the VA,  despite the government’s apparent efforts, continues to lack the necessary structure or management strategy to effectively deal with the medical needs of our veterans. When you add Social Security into the mix, it just gets more confusing and frustrating. The VA annually rates nearly […]

Health Expenses Draining Disabled’s Budget. Possible Help?

As we all hold our breath and await some miraculous health care reform, envisioning that time and common sense will prevail, and that true reform emerges, in an ideal form making full coverage available for all, including all the disabled and veterans,  with no worries concerning denial of service.  If you need a $60, 000 […]

Worker’s Comp System Severely Abuses Disabled Man

An earlier post from this blog annotates the woeful and absolute outrageous treatment being heaped upon one of our members, Ron Markowicz, by the Worker’s Comp System, including his own attorney, whose firm appeared to be in collusion with the Insurance Carriers by ceasing all pertinent services to his case apparently driven by fear of […]

Join The Disability Digest Conference August 5 2009 at 3:00 pm est

Join the August conference all about Disability and meet others,  share stories, ideas get or give a helping hand.   It’s easy to join: Just call this number:  (218) 936-1067 Then enter this conference ID: 266971# Our goal is to share tips and strategies that will help you relieve economic pressure and blast through the […]