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Debt Relief Strategies For The Disabled

“Want to reduce your medical bills? Are your debts weighing you down? Need to stop those harassing calls? Want to get a grip on out-of-control debt and reduce the stress? If yes, then this debt relief mini-course walks you through your options to reduce or possibly eliminate debt. Use The Strategies In This Debt Relief […]

How to prepare for a Social Security Disability hearing

“Learn Exactly How To Prepare For And What To Do And Say At Your Social Security Disability Hearing! Evan if you have a representative how you prepare for you hearing will have a signifcant influence on your decision. Don’t miss these tips. […]

Disability answers webinar video replay

Howdy Watch this week’s webinar replay and get the latest disability information and answers to your questions. We reviewed and answered 315 different questions in an effort to give you the information and resources that will give you the confidence to weave through the maze of disability-related issues. Click here to watch the replay Check […]

Get disability answers webinar June.6.2011. (register now and get the latest)

Join to get answers and the latest disability information.  Click here to register Hi: I will be hosting a complimentary webinar Monday June 6 at 3:10 pm eastern standard time (12:10 pm PST, 2:10 pm CST).   You will get the latest disability information,  answers to your questions and learn how to use your Disability Digest […]