Tips to overcome some of life's daily obstacles...

"Discover How To Win The Disability Challenge!"

Listen to the interview with John Tholen, Ph.D. He is the renowned author of
“Winning The Disability Challenge”
 and get practical tips to successful living..

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During the Interview, you’re going to hear tips on how to…

  Learn how fulfilling life experiences can be achieved after becoming disabled.

  Discover how positive affirmations can be a source of comfort and get you back on track when you feel really down

  Get simple manageable methods for improving your health, managing pain, curing insomnia and coping with various depressive and distressing symptoms.

  How to overcome "The Challenge," whatever that may be for you.
  John's message is that becoming disabled liberates you from a routine and allows you to focus on other goals.  

  How to make the most of your relationships. 

  How “self assertion” helps you gain self respect. 

  Two solid tips to help preserve, even enhance, your relationships with others. 

  The biggest obstacle to conquering disability is just “getting started” and getting mentally pointed in the right direction.

How to overcome irrational discouraging thoughts,

   After listening to or reading the transcript of the interview, consider getting a copy of “Winning The Disability Challenge.” If you are disabled, this book was written especially with you and your life’s challenges in mind.  I can’t think of a better book focused on helping those with special challenges learn how to deal with the unique obstacles of their daily lives.